Huge Opportunity! Looking for 12 women who want to lose weight and love the way they look!

We are looking for 12 women who are committed to losing weight in the next 12 weeks! Included in this program is 2-3x per week of PRIVATE training sessions & nutritional counseling, all for less than $110 per week! 


Why 12 weeks?

There is no universal 12 week program that is best for everyone, but 12 weeks is a great time frame to set your short term health and fitness goals and give you some time to actually start to reach those goals! If you stick with the program, you'll start to notice a positive transformation in the way that you look and feel in just 12 weeks. Here at Kelly Johnson Fitness, our fitness coaches and personal trainers work with your body to help you transform and reach your goals in the ways that are best for you. 


What are the types of results you can expect from this 12 week program? 

The amount of weight you lose depends on how often and how hard you work during your personal training sessions, as well as how committed you are to your nutrition. We will take your body weight and composition measurements, determine your BMI, and set realistic goals based on those numbers. The average person burns 400-600 calories in one of our workouts, so we’ll work backwards from that and determine exactly how much you’ll should lose during our personal training sessions!


What will the workouts consist of?

There are 3 phases that we will focus on throughout your 12 week journey to fitness and good health. The first phase consists of mostly stability and mobility exercises with the addition of aerobic conditioning. This type of conditioning is crucial to building a strong base and burning fat. The second phase is similar to the first phase, where there is a focus on stability and mobility exercises, but we will also add in more aerobic and anaerobic cardio. This will allow your body to start hitting higher levels of EPOC by using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to blast more calories and fat and rev your metabolism to boost your calorie burn all day. We will also start to increase resistance to build more strength, further boosting calorie burn. The last phase, consists of resistance training with a heavy aerobic and anaerobic conditioning as you creep closer to your weight loss and fitness goals. You will work with your fitness coach to create and reach goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely), while building a strong and healthy foundation for your life. 


What is included:

Private training sessions (though buddy sessions are totally encouraged!)

BMI & Body fat testing (plus help setting goals based on these numbers)

At home workouts for your off days & supplemental cardio workouts

Nutritional guidance

Tips & tricks for grocery shopping & healthy eating

Sample meal plans based on different calorie limits


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