What is Vivo Health & Wellness?

Vivo Health & Wellness is an awesome personal training business that will push you to your limits to achieve maximum results in the minimum time! Your fitness level is going to increase significantly and you are going to LOVE the way you look!


What is a typical personal training session like?

A typical personal training workout is a heart pounding, 55 minute, intensive workout that is a mix of strength training, cardio conditioning, and flexibility! Your personal training sessions will be different each and every time, so they are always fun and interesting! You can always expect to be pushed to your limits, both physically and mentally, and you might even be a little sore!!


What should I bring?

You should bring a yoga mat or a towel, and LOTS of water! Everything else, including all equipment, will be provided for you.


How much weight will I lose?

The amount of weight you lose depends on how often and how hard you work during your personal training sessions, as well as how committed you are to your nutrition. We will take your body weight and composition measurements, determine your BMI, and set realistic goals based on those numbers. The average person burns about 600 calories in one of our workouts, so we’ll work backwards from that and determine exactly how much you’ll lose during our personal training sessions!


What if I'm not in great shape?

Don’t worry about not being in great shape, that’s why our personal trainers are here for you! We slowly increase the cardio in your workouts, and it is designed to meet your current fitness level and push you to new levels. You will reach your fitness goals regardless of where you are starting!


Will I get any nutritional support?

Yes! Every client will receive a personalized nutrition plan based on your goals and current health. You’ll also have access to meal plans, grocery store tips & tricks, and healthy recipes! With all of this information available, you’ll be able to make healthy choices and prepare healthy meals to help you reach your goals!

Is there a discount if I sign up with a friend?

Yes! If you want to share your personal training session with a buddy, one of you will get a discount… You decide who! =) It’s just an extra $35 to have a friend join your personal training session, so you’ll always get a great discount if you bring a buddy!

What is the cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is very simple. We keep each personal training or bridal fitness client on a very regular schedule to help keep the client consistent and to create a habit of working out! If you need to cancel for some reason, we require at least 24 hours notice. We will do our best to accommodate the change and fit you in later in the week. If you give less than 24 hours notice, and we can’t accommodate a change, you’ll lose the session.