exercise of the day

Workout of the Day: Body Weight Workout

Here is a workout for all of you who don’t have a gym or any equipment at home! All you need is your own body weight and some motivation to kick some MAJOR booty with this workout!

Free weight/body weight workout!

For each exercise today we’re going to go for a minute doing as many as you can in a slow and controlled manner, then take a minute of rest to get ready for the next exercise. After you go through the entire circuit, push yourself and try to repeat it once or twice more!

Warm up with 3 minute cycle: 1 min jogging (in place or around the room), 1 min holding a plank, 1 min of jumping jacks

1. Deep Squats (make sure that your weight is in your heels and your buns travel towards the floor, not your knees coming over your toes)

2. Weighted Dead Lifts (make sure that knees DO NOT move forward, squeeze Glutes when you stand straight up)

3. Walking Lunge with Rotation (Make sure that both knees bend at 90 degrees, rotation is to the side opposite of the leg in front)

4. 3 way Calf Raises (20 seconds of toes point forward, 20 seconds of toes pigeon toed, 20 seconds of toes pointed out) (Make sure to squeeze calves at the end of the movement)

5. Straight Plank and Side Plank (1 minute hold of a regular plank on the elbows, 1 minute rest, then 1 minute of side planks leaning on only 1 side to hit Obliques instead)

6. Crunch series (30 seconds of crunches with feet on the floor and knees bent, 30 seconds with knees and hips both at 90 degrees, 30 seconds of legs straight up in the air) (Make sure to not pull at the neck and only come up as high as it takes to get your shoulder blades off the ground, not all the way up so your entire back is off the ground)

7. Triceps Push Ups (get into a regular push up position, but instead of elbows pointing out to the sides, keep the elbows close to your body and lower body towards ground then push back up keeps elbows narrow)

8. Decline Push Ups (put feet on a chair or step and perform a regular push up) (This hits deltoid and chest)

9. Hip Raises (Sit on the floor with hands on floor next to hips, back and legs straight)(Keep hands palm down on ground and raise hips up until body, hips, and thighs are in a straight line then let head dip backwards and squeeze your butt. Hold this position for 30 seconds, take a break, then hold for another 30 seconds)

10. Mountain climbers (Balanced in a pike position—hands and feet on ground, butt in the air—bring knees to chest and extend back out as quickly as possible)(Do this for 1 minute, take a break, then repeat) (Remember that you’re running or “climbing” as quickly as possible so keep those legs moving!)

Try to repeat this entire circuit!


Workout of the day: Legs & Butt

Today’s workout is for legs and butt, and our cardio focus is aerobic!

Warm up- 1/4 mile walk at 15% incline, 3/4 mile jog at 5% incline, 1/4 mile walk at 15%


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Kettlebell drinking birds

Swiss ball hamstring bridges

Calf raise (3 ways)

Alternating lunges


Intervals- Tall bike- 1 min sit, 1 min stand for 8 mins



Crunch series 50,50,50

Dead bugs 2 mins

Side crunches 20 on each side


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Squat with weights

Monster walks front and back with band

X walks side to side with band

TRX single leg squat

TRX bulgarian split squat


Cardio- stairmaster 5 mins



Hanging leg lifts- 10 straight leg, 10 bent knee at each side

Total gym ab pullovers- 20


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Brazilian butt lift squat lunge series- 5 total

Side lunge

Bosu squats upside down

Quadruped glute series


Cardio-bike 20 mins easy pace


Workout of the Day: Chest, Back, Intervals

Workout of the day!

Today is chest, back, and interval cardio!

Warm up- 2 minutes of easy pace bike riding on a sit up bike


Intervals- sit for 1 minute, stand for 1 minute (high level resistance) for 10 mins total


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Dumbbell bench press

Lat Pull down

Dumbbell pec fly

Hoist low trap row


Treadmill- 5 mins at incline of 15% easy jog



Bicycles 30 to each side

Indian Crunches 30 total

Double Leg hip lifts 20 total


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

TRX chest press

TRX low trap row

Push up on Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball I’s, Y’s, T’s


Bike- 5 mins at level 15



Swiss Ball crunches 50 total

Windmills 20 total


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Push ups on ground (narrow, wide, regular)

Superman low back extensions

Theraband pec fly

Theraband W’s


Intervals- treadmill- 1 min run, 1 min walk for 10 mins


Workout of the Day: Bi's, Tri's, & Shoulders

Today’s workout is for arms and shoulders, along with some aerobic cardio!

Warm up- 1 mile jog at 3% incline


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

21’s Bi curls

Tri dips on bench with 1 leg up

Dumbbell shoulder press


Intervals- 5 mins of 30 sec @ 15 resistance, 30 sec @ 5 resistance



Scorpions 15 to each side

Crunch series 50,50,50


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Dumbbell Bi curls

Barbell Skullcrusher

Dumbbell Front and Lateral Shoulder raises


Intervals- 6 mins of 1 min @ 15 resistance, 1 min @ 5 resistance



Planks- 1 min, 2 total

Side planks- 1 min on each side, twice


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Hammer curl

Tri kickbacks

Supraspinatus twist raises



Bench double leg leg lifts 20 total

Square roots 20 to each direction (3 ways)


Cardio- 20 min jog on treadmill

Workout of the day: Plyos & Compound Moves

Today’s workout is rough! =) It consists of interval cardio, lots of plyometrics, and compound movements which means movements that involve the whole body at once!!

Warm up- bike 8 mins, 1 min level 20, 1 min level 10


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Bowler squat jumps

Lunge with front knee coming to chest for single leg stance

Squat with dumbbell shoulder press to tricep overhead extension

Lunge with dumbbell bi curl


Intervals- Xiser 3 ways, 1 min each- twice


Abs-repeat twice

Planks with arms alternating 1 min

Planks with legs alternating 1 min


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Broad jumps for height

Broad jumps for distance

Ladder drills


Cardio Suicides 3 times


Abs- repeat twice

Plank with feet on bosu 1 min

Plank with elbows on bosu 1 min



Burpees 1 min

Mountain climbers 1 min

Burpees with bosu ball 1 min

Mountain climbers with bosu 1 min

Cool down- 10 mins on treadmill at your own pace


Cardio Interval Workout

Remember to perform each exercise for 1 minute, rest for 1 minute, then do the next exercise on the list. Try to repeat the entire circuit 3 times!!

Warm up:

1 min high knees- Stand tall with your feet placed about hip-width apart. Lift your right knee up higher than your hips aiming towards your chest then lower it back down. As you lower your right knee down, start to bring up your left knee higher than hip level. Keep repeating by alternating your legs and lifting them as high as you can as quickly as you can.

1 min of jogging in place

1 min of jump roping in place- Pretend that you are jumping rope by taking tiny hops with both legs at the same time and circling the arms


1. Tuck Jumps- Begin in a comfortable standing position with your knees slightly bent. Hold your hands in front of you, palms down with your fingertips together at chest height. Rapidly dip down into a quarter squat and immediately explode upward. Drive the knees towards the chest, attempting to touch them to the palms of the hands while in the air.Jump as high as you can, raising your knees up, and then ensure a good land be re-extending your legs, absorbing impact through be allowing the knees to rebend.

2. Jump Lunges (alternating legs)- Begin in a lunge position (1 leg in front, 1 leg behind- both bent at 90 degrees). Jump up and quickly swap leg positions in mid-air, while keeping your torso straight. Raise your hands to gain height by using your momentum. Land in the lunge position with your opposite leg in front, bending your knees to absorb the impact. Go straight into the next jump switching your feet once more and landing in your original lunge position.

3. Jump Squats- Very similar to the tuck jump, but instead of trying to bring your knees high in the air, start in a deep squat and explode straight up with arms in the air and legs straight. Land the motion in a deep squat with knees bent. Try to go right into the next squat jump without taking breaks or pauses in between

4. Goblet Squat Jumping Jacks- Follow the instructions for the jump squat, but instead of your knees and feet being hip width apart and pointed straight, try to open your hips more. Your feet should be pointing about 45 degrees out and your knees should stay in line with your hips, also pointing out.

5. Straight Leg Scissor Kicks- Stand upright with arms extended in front of you at 90 degrees. Keep the legs straight the entire time while kicking one leg out in front of you then switching legs. Continue alternating leg positions with feet spending as little time as possible in contact with the floor.

6. Mountain Climbers- Stand with your arms by your sides, feet together. Bend down and put your hands shoulder width apart on the floor. Place yourself in the basic push-up position with your arms in line with your chest and your legs straight. Bring one leg forward towards your chest, then return it back to both legs out straight. Switch legs and bring the other knee to your chest. Repeat this “running or mountain climbing” motion as quickly as possible.

7. Burpees WITH a push up- Begin in a standing position with feet shoulder-width apart.Lower your body into a squatting position, placing your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet out so that you are in a push up position. Lower chest towards the ground and do an actual push up. Kick your feet back to their original position to stand up, then jump into the air to finish the motion. Repeat!


Workout of the day: Chest, Back, Abs

Warm up- Recumbent bike 5 mins easy pace


Intervals- 5 mins of 30 on/30 off intervals levels 5 and 20


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Total gym pec fly

Total gym kneeling low trap row

Push up with wide grip- feet on bench

Lat pull down with a wide grip, thumbs tucked


Treadmill- 5 mins at incline of 10% incline, speed between 5-6 mph


Abs- repeat twice

Plank dips for 1 min

Side plank dips for 1 min on each side


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Kinesis chest press

Kinesis high row

TRX pec fly

TRX mid trap row


Treadmill- 1/2 mile at 8% incline



TRX obliques standing

TRX abs- plank- (pikes, knees to chest, frogs each way, scissor kicks)

Scorpions- 20 to each side

Square roots- 30 front


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Bosu side to side lateral walks with a push up

QL lifts

Theraband chest press

Plank with a dumbbell row single arm


Cardio- Bike intervals sit/stand for 30 seconds each 10 times


Workout of the Day: Bands & TRX

Cable Cross Core Rotations 2 sets of 20 each side

Russian Twists 2 sets of 20 each side

________ 15 on each side, repeat entire circuit twice________

Lunge with same side rotation

Swiss Ball Hamstring Bridge with a Curl

Drinking Bird with Kettlebell

Calf Raises 3 ways

________ 15 on each side, repeat entire circuit twice________

Side Lying Single Leg Pilates Hip Series


Square Roots

Bike Intervals

_______ 15 on each side, repeat entire circuit twice________

TRX Bi Curl

Cable Cross Kick Back

Dumbbell Bench Press

Lat pulldown Low Trap Row

Dumbbell Supraspinatus

________15 on each side, repeat entire circuit twice________

TRX side planks

Crunch Series- 20/20/20

Low Ab Scissors


Exercise of the day: Sunburst Slimmer

I just learned a new exercise that I just HAD to share!!! Yes, even us personal trainers are constantly learning new things for our clients! =)

This exercise is called the “Sunburst Slimmer”! It targets your shoulder, chest, back, triceps, abs, AND butt! Just try it a few times and holy cow you’ll be feeling it!

1. Start on the ground on all fours, then extend your right leg behind you parallel to ground, toes pointed

2. Bending elbows forward and keeping them close to ribs, glide your torso forward to lower your chin and chest towards the ground while lifting your right leg

3. Return to start.

4. Do 5 reps then switch legs and repeat. Do 2-4 sets of this!

Workout of the day: Full Body

This month I want to share a quick exercise circuit with you instead of a cardio training program. These exercises are all full body, body weight type exercises that are sure to kick your butt and get you strong and lean fast!

This circuit has 10 exercises. You will do each exercise for 1 minute then go immediately into the next exercise. Take a break after you finish the circuit, then try to repeat the entire thing!

Let us know HERE if you have any questions or are unsure about any of the exercises before you do them!

1. Deep Squats

2. Weighted Dead Lifts

3. Walking Lunge with Rotation

4. 3 way Calf Raises

5. Straight Plank and Side Plank

6. Crunch series

7. Triceps Push Ups

8. Decline Push Ups

9. Hip Raises

10. Mountain climbers