Workout of the day: Plyos & Compound Moves

Today’s workout is rough! =) It consists of interval cardio, lots of plyometrics, and compound movements which means movements that involve the whole body at once!!

Warm up- bike 8 mins, 1 min level 20, 1 min level 10


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Bowler squat jumps

Lunge with front knee coming to chest for single leg stance

Squat with dumbbell shoulder press to tricep overhead extension

Lunge with dumbbell bi curl


Intervals- Xiser 3 ways, 1 min each- twice


Abs-repeat twice

Planks with arms alternating 1 min

Planks with legs alternating 1 min


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Broad jumps for height

Broad jumps for distance

Ladder drills


Cardio Suicides 3 times


Abs- repeat twice

Plank with feet on bosu 1 min

Plank with elbows on bosu 1 min



Burpees 1 min

Mountain climbers 1 min

Burpees with bosu ball 1 min

Mountain climbers with bosu 1 min

Cool down- 10 mins on treadmill at your own pace