Workout of the Day: Body Weight Workout

Here is a workout for all of you who don’t have a gym or any equipment at home! All you need is your own body weight and some motivation to kick some MAJOR booty with this workout!

Free weight/body weight workout!

For each exercise today we’re going to go for a minute doing as many as you can in a slow and controlled manner, then take a minute of rest to get ready for the next exercise. After you go through the entire circuit, push yourself and try to repeat it once or twice more!

Warm up with 3 minute cycle: 1 min jogging (in place or around the room), 1 min holding a plank, 1 min of jumping jacks

1. Deep Squats (make sure that your weight is in your heels and your buns travel towards the floor, not your knees coming over your toes)

2. Weighted Dead Lifts (make sure that knees DO NOT move forward, squeeze Glutes when you stand straight up)

3. Walking Lunge with Rotation (Make sure that both knees bend at 90 degrees, rotation is to the side opposite of the leg in front)

4. 3 way Calf Raises (20 seconds of toes point forward, 20 seconds of toes pigeon toed, 20 seconds of toes pointed out) (Make sure to squeeze calves at the end of the movement)

5. Straight Plank and Side Plank (1 minute hold of a regular plank on the elbows, 1 minute rest, then 1 minute of side planks leaning on only 1 side to hit Obliques instead)

6. Crunch series (30 seconds of crunches with feet on the floor and knees bent, 30 seconds with knees and hips both at 90 degrees, 30 seconds of legs straight up in the air) (Make sure to not pull at the neck and only come up as high as it takes to get your shoulder blades off the ground, not all the way up so your entire back is off the ground)

7. Triceps Push Ups (get into a regular push up position, but instead of elbows pointing out to the sides, keep the elbows close to your body and lower body towards ground then push back up keeps elbows narrow)

8. Decline Push Ups (put feet on a chair or step and perform a regular push up) (This hits deltoid and chest)

9. Hip Raises (Sit on the floor with hands on floor next to hips, back and legs straight)(Keep hands palm down on ground and raise hips up until body, hips, and thighs are in a straight line then let head dip backwards and squeeze your butt. Hold this position for 30 seconds, take a break, then hold for another 30 seconds)

10. Mountain climbers (Balanced in a pike position—hands and feet on ground, butt in the air—bring knees to chest and extend back out as quickly as possible)(Do this for 1 minute, take a break, then repeat) (Remember that you’re running or “climbing” as quickly as possible so keep those legs moving!)

Try to repeat this entire circuit!