Outdoor Workout Options

If you live in San Diego, like I do, then you’re almost always reminded of how lucky we are to live here! It’s practically summer 80% of the year!! Just yesterday I was working out outside because I want to take full advantage of our great weather, plus, its fun to mix it up a bit! When it’s warm weather outside, what are your go to’s for exercise? I think that a lot of people forget that you can workout and be active without actually pumping iron in a gym… I personally love being outside doing things that don’t make me feel like I’m actually working out.

My top choices? Kayaking in our beautiful waters, standup paddleboarding in our bays, and bicycling throughout our wonderful city! Why are these three my top choices? They’re all full body (or compound) exercises where you work every part of your body, and they’re all fun hobbies that don’t even make you feel like you’re working out!

Kayaking is a GREAT way to work out your arms and your abs while experiencing some beautiful weather. Plus, kayaking is a great way to spend time with other people and you can always take a break and just drift if your arms need a break.

Next, there is stand up paddleboarding. Although there is a bit of a learning curve (just ask my knees the first time I went… they were completely purple the next day from falling so much), paddleboarding can be a great way to center yourself and calm yourself. I’ve seen people out on their boards doing workouts or yoga! Paddleboarding is a serious back and core workout, especially if you dig deep with each row and keep your abs tight. One of the reasons I love this so much? When I have a lot on my mind, there are few things that can match the beauty and serenity of sitting out on the water, just floating along with the waves and being alone with your thoughts.

Last, there’s bike riding! As some of you know, if you know me well, bikes have not always been at the top of my list. =) I may have had a minor run in with a car back when I was in high school and am still a bit scarred from that experience and the damage it did to my knee… However, we live in SUCH a great city for biking, so I’ve gotten back up on the horse and fallen in love with it again! Biking is a great way to tone your arms AND your legs. It burns lots of extra calories and frankly, parking around here sucks, so bicycling is a great alternative. Have you ever ridden your bike down the boardwalk along mission beach or PB? Both are fun rides, or even along Sunset cliffs for a more pretty bike ride! This whole city is filled with great bike routes so get out there and try a new one!

These may be just 3 new ways to workout outside and try something new, but there are TONS of things to do out there! Post below with your fave workout outside and we’ll compare! =) Have fun!