Workout of the day: Chest, Back, Abs

Warm up- Recumbent bike 5 mins easy pace


Intervals- 5 mins of 30 on/30 off intervals levels 5 and 20


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Total gym pec fly

Total gym kneeling low trap row

Push up with wide grip- feet on bench

Lat pull down with a wide grip, thumbs tucked


Treadmill- 5 mins at incline of 10% incline, speed between 5-6 mph


Abs- repeat twice

Plank dips for 1 min

Side plank dips for 1 min on each side


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Kinesis chest press

Kinesis high row

TRX pec fly

TRX mid trap row


Treadmill- 1/2 mile at 8% incline



TRX obliques standing

TRX abs- plank- (pikes, knees to chest, frogs each way, scissor kicks)

Scorpions- 20 to each side

Square roots- 30 front


Weights- 12 reps, repeat circuit twice

Bosu side to side lateral walks with a push up

QL lifts

Theraband chest press

Plank with a dumbbell row single arm


Cardio- Bike intervals sit/stand for 30 seconds each 10 times