How to burn more calories with each workout!

Have you heard of the afterburn effect? It is one of the BEST ways to lose weight, even after you’re doing working out!

Basically, how you work out actually effects the amount of calories burned after your workout! Oxygen levels stay high post workout, to help bring your body back to it’s “resting state”, called EPOC, or excess post-oxygen consumption. Since your oxygen levels stay high, your metabolism is actually elevated as it tries to help your body restore oxygen and energy levels as well as clear waste through circulation. (ALL GOOD THINGS!)

So, the larger the EPOC effect, the more calories burned post workout! What does this mean for you? Intense and intermittent exercise (ie INTERVALS), will have a larger effect on weight loss than traditional cardio will! Not only will you burn more calories during the workout, but you’ll keep burning those high levels of calories way after you’re finished working out!

Examples of intervals? Any time you do short bursts of something really hard then you take some sort of a break will count! Generally with my clients, we’ll do a hard exercise like a running sprint, sprint on the bike, mountain climbers, or burpees, then something that’s easier, like a slow jog or walk. Alternate between these short, hard bursts of energy and easy segments and you’ll see that extra weight fly off in no time!

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