Foods that you think are healthy... but aren't

Let’s talk about foods that you think are healthy but can pack some major calories if you’re not eating them correctly! For the next few days, I’ll post a new food and discuss what can make it unhealthy, and ways to eat this food without adding the extra calories and sugar. Today’s food? SUSHI!!!

I LOVE sushi and could eat it every day, but it is crucial that you are eating the right things. Often, rolls served in sushi restaurants (especially the Americanized ones) come with rice, are fried (crunchy or tempura), or have sauces and fillings like cream cheese or spicy mayo. All of these can add up to an extra 500 ish calories for just a SINGLE roll!!! That healthy meal that you thought you were eating just became a whole lot worse, right?

So what small changes can you make to make your sushi meal a more healthy choice? Well for starters, don’t just scrap sushi altogether. Fish have heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids and are high in protein. Try choosing an option like Nigiri, which is a piece of fish with just a little bit of rice, or even better, pick Sashimi, which is just the fish. Steer clear of the sauces, and while you’re at it, try to choose healthier fish, like salmon or tuna. Definitely stay away from any of the Americanized rolls with fillings, toppings, and sauces!

Good luck with your new sushi adventures and I hope you love your new and healthier options!